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project introduction: provide e-commerce services for a washing and care brand .

customer needs: within 3 days, we can quickly tailor a personalized process plan for customers, complete the establishment of an e-commerce team of more than 200 people and pre-job employee training to ensure the smooth progress of the event.


high timeliness: quickly set up a project team within 24 hours, organize a 200-person customer service team within 3 days, and lay out site equipment within 4 days

high conversion: quickly respond to unexpected problems during the event within 30 minutes, and successfully achieve the highest initial response speed and conversion rate
high sales:’s sales on the day increased by 50% on average compared to the previous month
       . the rich experience of the operation team and sufficient personnel reserves are professional and professional with the support of e-commerce consultants, the order conversion rate and customer satisfaction required by customers have been exceeded. at the same time, our team has ranked first in south china in order conversion rate and customer unit price, which has successfully ensured the smooth progress of the event.

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