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project introduction:it has cooperated with a fortune 100 bank enterprise for more than 5 years, and is the first outsourcing provider of human resources services for the bank. the non-core business of the bank's credit card center fluctuates greatly, and the labor cost is high. at the same time, it needs to release the energy of management personnel to focus on the main core business. therefore, flexible personnel recruitment and professional personnel management are carried out through labor outsourcing, thereby reducing labor costs and personnel management costs, and improving overall operating efficiency.

customer needs: the team size is about 1,200 people in front-line customer service positions, providing services such as recruitment, personnel management, information security management, pre-job training, employee care, performance indicator assessment, and management consulting.
solutions:  1. solve the needs of customer personnel formation and human resource management in guangzhou, foshan and other places. with the help of rich multi-channel recruitment resources, we can quickly complete the service scale of nearly 600 people, and the peak recruitment is 120 people per month.
2. with more than 2,000 people's experience in outsourcing human resources management, refined human resources management system, perfect human resources training and employee care system, we are committed to training customers and creating an efficient service team, which has been cultivated and transferred to bank establishment in the past 5 years. more than 600 personnel.
3. provide on-site and wechat offline maintenance services, provide consulting services in multiple dimensions around the clock, set up a dedicated employee care department, and organize a variety of employee activities to improve employees' khi.

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